Trying to attune ourselves to the Father’s voice

Archbishop Longley – synopsis of his words
Consider youselves fortunate when trials come your way. Sense of deja vu, only few hours I was with a different group of people. We had a Mass of thanksgiving with the headteachers from Catholic schools. We heard some very encouraging words from James 1:2 – 4. To look within ourselves the presence of Christ. We can encounter deepest reality.
In our prayer, united by the Lord.
You will always have your trials, happy privilege. Complete opposite of what world tells us. Shouldn’t we run away from trouble, rather than embrace it. Opportunity to find ourselves close to Christ. We know that everything that is of value in life; relationships, family, work, all have their moments of testing. Things of real value stay with us throught thick and thin. Our faith is the most precious thing in life and so too is our calling; our vocation. It stays with us in the difficult time and joys.
Jesus promised that he is with us to the end of time.
This weekend we will be listening with care; trying to attune ourselves to the Father’s voice. To listen deeply. Speakers help us to listen attentively to the Lord’s voice. Tomorrow, I am pleased that Bishop Mark Davies will celebrate Mass and on Sunday Archbishop Mennini. You’ll know that last year the Holy Father prayed here and he gave to me the chalice which we will use on Sunday, reflecting our unity with the Vicar of Rome We pray that this weekend we will listen to the Lord’s voice.


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